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We Work with Insurance


From the start, Heartland General Contractors is on the homeowners side and we work with insurance companies to restore your home. Our HAAG engineering certified roof inspectors will asses your property prior to filing a claim with your insurance carrier. If your home has storm damage, Heartland General Contractors will help you take the proper steps to initiate a claim to restore your home with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. Our team will also make sure you don’t lose any discounts that your insurance company may offer as part of their “No Claim Discount” program, by initiating a claim that does not need to be made.

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Residential Services

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Residential Roofing

Heartland General Contractors is the industry leader in residential roofing. Through our partnerships  our customers are able to receive limited life time warranties and the highest standard of materials available for their roof. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured through out the state of Indiana. HGC offers: Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Wood shake Shingle Roofs, Slate Tile Roofs, All Flat Roofs, and Metal Roofs.

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Residential Siding

We understand that replacing your house siding is like getting a total home makeover. You only get one shot to do it right so let one of our experienced team members help you build the vision that you want for your house. We have many different choices on residential siding that include limited  lifetime warranties  and fit within your budget. HGC offers: Vinyl Siding, Fiber Cement Siding, Cedar Siding, and Metal Siding.

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The gutter system is essential for protecting the very foundation which your house lays upon. We install specific gutter systems for your home to keep the condition of your roof healthy for years to come.  HGC only uses the best materials throughout the state of Indiana, helping us to increase the lifespan of your gutters.


Commercial Services

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Commercial Roofing

Heartland General Contractors is a team of experts and trained specialists in commercial roofing and properties. We use premier building materials and renowned craftsmanship for our customers. We offer a variety of commercial roofs including, Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Wood Shake Shingle Roofs, Slate Tile Roofs, All Flat Roofs, and Metal Roofs.

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Commercial Siding

Heartland General Contractors offers  many commercial siding choices  that can withstand brutal weather and the test of time in appearance. Common siding choices available are: Vinyl Siding, Fiber Cement Siding, Cedar Siding, and Metal Siding.

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Commercial Gutters

Commercial buildings are larger and therefore need a more complex gutter system than residential properties. We provide commercial gutter installations and services for 6 and 7 inch gutter systems with gutter covers.

General Contractors You Can Trust Located in the Heart of Indiana

Heartland General Contractors has more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry through out central Indiana. We have made a name for ourselves as one of the most reliable and trusted general contractors in the industry. We are a go-to resource for homeowners and business owners to improve and restore their properties to prime condition. We put you first and look out for your interests by living up to our core value “The roof we put on for you is the roof we put on for our own family.” 

Service and Craftsmanship You Can Count On

Providing reliable and superior service to maintain your home or business is part of our HGC Quality Standard. Our service teams are some of the fastest and most efficient crews in the midwest. We help you choose the best materials for your property and we are available for installation, maintenance and repairs. 

Get Your Free Estimate Today

Our experienced professionals are available for free estimates and free storm damage inspections. Contact our team when you’re ready to work with experienced residential and commercial professionals in Indianapolis, IN. We know time is the most valuable resource and that’s why Heartland General Contractors provides fast, thorough, reliable crews to your property to get the job done right. 

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What Our Clients Say

Customer service is Heartland General Contractors number one priority. We pride ourselves on being there for our homeowners and guiding them through important decisions every step of the way. Check out what our hoosier clients have said about us! 

Why Installing a Quality Roof Matters

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Installing a high quality roof will help prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on maintenance and repairs that could have been prevented by hiring the right contractor. Hiring  the wrong roofing company can be detrimental to your roof because they will often take shortcuts that you know nothing about and won’t know about until another  contractor is needed for reapirs.

This is why it’s so important to pick a trusted general contractor with a good reputation. The stability and quality of  your roof will keep the structure and foundation of your home in shape and prevent damages. If a roof does not have  proper ventilation, correct shingle installation, and working gutter systems your entire house or building is at risk for structural damage.  We work closely with you to ensure you get the best results. Whether it’s a roof replacement or repair, we can help prolong the life span of your roof and can increase energy efficiency and boost curb appeal. 


Why Proper Siding Installation is Important  


Residential and commercial siding protects your home from harsh weather such as winds, hail and storms. It is so important for your siding to be properly installed in order to keep your interior safe from extreme cold and heat temperatures. If your siding is bad or old water may enter your home and cause major damage like mold or foundational issues. High quality siding will provide excellent insulation and help to regulate your inside thermostat. This may also make your space more energy efficient.



How Gutter Systems Protect your Foundation

Your gutters are responsible for channelling rainfall away from your home to prevent water and structural damage. Without gutters, gallons of water will drop straight off the edge of the roof and go into the ground of your building or home’s foundation. This reduces the ground’s ability to support the foundation which can then lead to cracking and shifting of the foundation. This can then lead to cracks in your basement walls and further cause damage to your home or commercial building.

Foundational damages are extremely expensive to repair and can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars. Keeping your gutters high functioning and in the best condition possible can help prevent huge, unnecessary costs. It is important to routinely check the integrity of your gutters to make sure they aren’t worn out, causing leaking or corroding.  



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